Hi, there.

My name is Tom Windelinckx.

After a first career in electronics, and a second in teaching English as a foreign language, I am now in my seventh year of my true vocation: teaching science to high school students. I currently serve as a high school deputy principal and teach AP Physics 1 at a private international school in Cambodia.

To me, science is the most convincing storytelling tool humanity has developed so far. Mythology, religion, and various ideologies have fallen short of answering the big questions I have about the universe and my place in it. Only science has been able to offer me descriptions and causal explanations (i.e., stories) that are at once satisfying, coherent, and beautiful.

I blog in order to improve my craft as a science teacher. I expect to write about teaching frameworks, teaching strategies, and tools I or my students find helpful.

Last school year, my goals are to weave the Ambitious Science Teaching framework, the Next Generation Science Standards, and Dave Stuart Jr’s These 6 Things into coherent units, lessons, and activities. This school year my goals are to apply findings from psychology (1, 2) to my craft.